• Butter Done Right!

    davepaulbutterslowI'm a big fan of seasoned butters. I've made a few small bowls here and there for different dishes. I bet you may have done so as wel, at least on a small scale. How many times have you blended butter with cinnamon or brown sugar for toast, added Italian seasoning or other spices for a steak butter. I'm a sucker for hot cinnamon toast. Imaging doing those simple dishes.... and then taking it about ten levels higher!

    That's what Dave Smith and Paul Tripp have done with Dave and Paul's Compound Butters. Now, I'm not bashing my good old cinnamon toast, but I have to be honest and say that the Dave & Paul's Oddly Orange Compound Butter put put my toast topping to shame! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample some of Dave and Paul's creations and try them in a few recipes.

  • Get ready to make a cheap steak taste better! And, why not add some barbecue flavor to your favorite cut of beef? Here's a great recipe for you to adjust to your own tastes.

  • Serve your Nashville Commuinity!

    The Nashville Food Project has been serving meals to Nashville homeless since 2007. The group strives to serve as many people as possible, as healthy as possible with costs as low as possible. The combination of donated food and items grown in their own gardens allows the Nashville Food Project to provide increased access to healthy foods in homeless and working poor communities across Davidson County.

    • Waste Less - Feed More - 

    How Can You Help?

    • The Nashville Food Project is always looking for help. You can donate everything from your time to food, funding, transportation and more. Contact them to see how your skills can be used.
  • It's Valentine's Day! Here are three ways to make the perfect Chocolate Martini! Get ready to pour up some martini fun!

  • Tonya's Tip! Blueberry Pie

    Homemade blueberry pie by Tonya Whitaker


    July is my favorite food times of the year in Tennessee. July means we have fresh tomatoes (especially Bradleys!), fresh corn, and fresh blueberries!So that means it is time to bake a family favorite dessert! Blueberry Pie! This recipe is very straightforward, requires only a few ingredients, and is a great pie to make with little one in the kitchen. Of course an adult would handle the oven portion!