• Checkered Flag Cooking: An Insider's Guide to Tailgating at the Races by Kent Whitaker - Fire up the smoker and the grill! Tailgating NASCAR, ARCA, INDYCar, or your local track has never tasted this good!

  • Thank you Andy Rooney!

    Yes, I am stealing... borrowing, a cliche line from Andy Rooney. "Have you ever wondered why TV chefs with their own shows don't seem to know the difference between barbecue and grilling?"

  • It's Bowl Season Again!!

    Man, how fast this last year went. Here are a few of my New Years resolutions that pertain to my cooking. One, I'm going to finish this new book on deadline. I'm sure my editor would love that. Two, I am going to do a better job of cooking healthier foods. I don't know if that counts since Ally and I have already started doing that. Three, I will no longer consider Halloween candy corn as a vegetable. 

    It's getting close to the end of the regular NCAA football season - which means bowl season is getting closer! So I thought a few of my game day recipes would be in order. Here are two recipes that are pretty easy to fix.

  • Kent Whitakers grilled pound cake with strawberriesWhy not? I've Grilled Pizza? Why not cake?

    Grilled pound cake is my signature dessert. It's a perfect match for my style of cooking, which is heavy on barbecue, the real, slow-smoked kind, as well as when I fire up the grill. Sure, you can make your own pound cake and ice cream from scratch or you can save some time and pick some up at the store.

  • Basic Hot & Buttery Wings! The classic wing made simple. This recipe is a version of the classic chicken wing. Just combine a couple of simple ingredients, bake and dip. It can't be much easier than that!

  • Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook: The Art of Appalachian Barbecue by Kent Whitaker - Fire up the smoker and the grill! Barbecue has never been this good!