• Checkered Flag Cooking: An Insider's Guide to Tailgating at the Races by Kent Whitaker - Fire up the smoker and the grill! Tailgating NASCAR, ARCA, INDYCar, or your local track has never tasted this good!

  • Thank you Andy Rooney!

    Yes, I am stealing... borrowing, a cliche line from Andy Rooney. "Have you ever wondered why TV chefs with their own shows don't seem to know the difference between barbecue and grilling?"

  • beerbreadMy wife Ally loves baking. She makes some wicked cookies and cakes and

    has been known to whip out impromptu snacks on a whim using cake batter, cereal, and chocolate as well as other assorted treats found in the pantry. But when it comes to beer bread, she leaves that up to me.

    The great thing about Beer Bread is that it can use any type of beer to change up the flavor, you can add just about anything you want in the way of spices or chopped peppers etc. And, you can cook it as a loaf of bread, mini loaves and even muffin style version.

  • Butter Done Right!

    davepaulbutterslowI'm a big fan of seasoned butters. I've made a few small bowls here and there for different dishes. I bet you may have done so as wel, at least on a small scale. How many times have you blended butter with cinnamon or brown sugar for toast, added Italian seasoning or other spices for a steak butter. I'm a sucker for hot cinnamon toast. Imaging doing those simple dishes.... and then taking it about ten levels higher!

    That's what Dave Smith and Paul Tripp have done with Dave and Paul's Compound Butters. Now, I'm not bashing my good old cinnamon toast, but I have to be honest and say that the Dave & Paul's Oddly Orange Compound Butter put put my toast topping to shame! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample some of Dave and Paul's creations and try them in a few recipes.

  • Smoke in the Mountains Cookbook: The Art of Appalachian Barbecue by Kent Whitaker - Fire up the smoker and the grill! Barbecue has never been this good!