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Culinary Seasoning Smoke.

What a neat idea! - The Smoke Stack Company Culinary Seasoning Smoke combines smoke and seasonings for flavors grillers will love!

The Smoke Stack Company offers a neat solution for how backyard grillers can enhance flavors. The choices are Hickory, Alder, Applewood and Mesquite. Each Smoke Stack container is filled with wood you choose as well as seasonings and vintage oak chips. There is also a reusable chip container. Each package holds enough wood for several sessions.

Butter Done Right!

davepaulbutterslowI'm a big fan of seasoned butters. I've made a few small bowls here and there for different dishes. I bet you may have done so as wel, at least on a small scale. How many times have you blended butter with cinnamon or brown sugar for toast, added Italian seasoning or other spices for a steak butter. I'm a sucker for hot cinnamon toast. Imaging doing those simple dishes.... and then taking it about ten levels higher!

That's what Dave Smith and Paul Tripp have done with Dave and Paul's Compound Butters. Now, I'm not bashing my good old cinnamon toast, but I have to be honest and say that the Dave & Paul's Oddly Orange Compound Butter put put my toast topping to shame! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sample some of Dave and Paul's creations and try them in a few recipes.

Denny Mikes 'Cue Lover's 9 pack.

dennymike9paclowDennis Michael Sherman was given the nickname DennyMike by his mother when he was a boy. It turns out the nickname was not great for a good-ole Yankee. It worked well when he started learning the fine art of Texas style BBQ from Charlie Arriaga who was from East Texas. The flavors and lessons learned starting in early 1970's is put to use in DennyMike products which are small batch produced by Dennis in Maine.

We tried out the DennyMike 9 pack gift set aptly named the Cue Lover It contained four sauces and five tins of assorted rubs and seasonings.

Organic Cotton Aprons.

Time to go green at the grill or in the kitchen! Check out Organic Cotton Aprons from A Greener Kitchen Company. Grillers are often given aprons with goofy logos or sayings printed on the front. I've found many of these gift aprons to be stiff, made of some weird material, flimsy and only good for a few times.

It was a pleasure to test the aprons sent in by Lacey M. Lybecker who is the  owner of A Greener Kitchen. Lacey's company offers items that are all geared towards being more eco aware while using eco-friendly materials. Lacey said it best, "You can still be green while grilling up a steak or helping your honey in the kitchen."

Susi Q's Seasoning & Red Oak Chips.

Here is some flavor! Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning & Red Oak Chips. We tried two items from Susi Q's Brand Artisan Food. They were the Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning and the Susi Q's Santa Maria Valley Style Red Oak Chips.

Susan M. Righetti, the founder of the company, told me she started in 1981 as a family business with the idea of combining local California flavors, barbecue traditions that go back to early ranchers with her family recipes.

Goode Co. Hall of Flame Rib Rub.

gooderibrublowI am a sucker for a rub. The Goode Company started with a single barbecue restaurant just outside of Huston, Texas back in the 1970's. Today there are several locations and variations of the Goode restaurant theme ranging from Texas style barbecue to seafood and mouth watering burgers and more.

The product we tested was the Goode Company BBQ Hall of Flame Rib Rub. Of course we tried it on more than just ribs. We started with ribs and sprinkled the rub on everything from ribs to turkey burgers. Eventually we were just trying it one fresh grilled sliced sweet peppers and onions. It tasted great every time. 

Buffalo Wild Wings - Great Gifts!

buffwildwingslowSometimes you want to watch the game, or games, on big screen TV’s. You also want someone else to handle making the wings and bringing cold beverages to the table. We tested the Buffalo Wild Wing sauces with our son Macee. Let’s just say that he, his Army buddies and college friends are well versed in items on the BWW menu.

Our family grilling buddy Big Mo is also a huge fan of Buffalo Wild Wing Suaces. You'll notice in the background of the picture!!

St. Croix Food & Wine Experience!

stcroixcoverlowThe St. Croix Food and Wine Experience cookbook is a wonderful book that is an off shoot of the yearly festival held every year in St. Croix. The photos, history and stories featured in the book are amazing. The recipes were as well and many are grill based or can be easily prepared outdoors. In fact, much of the actual festival features outdoor events and demos.

We tried several recipes in the book and the favorites so far are the Grilled Caribbean Rock Lobster Cakes by Chef Mathayon Vacharat of St. John Catering and the Grilled Cheese & Pulled Short Rib Sandwich by Chef Govind Armstrong, owner of the 8oz Burger in Los Angeles.

Grill Charms - Make for Great Grilling!

grillcharmcloseuplowNeed to keep the spicy chicken away from the BBQ chicken, what about the medium well seperated from the well done steak? Grill Charms offer users a great way to keep track of items on the grill or in the kitchen. Grill charms were invented by Leslie Haywood of Charleston, South Carolina who came up with the idea after a grilling session that involved keeping the spiced up fare separated from the milder cuts.

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