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FAU - Florida Atlantic University

  • School Name: Florida Atlantic University
  • Association: Sunbelt
  • City / State: Boca Raton Florida
  • Stadium Name OLD: Lockhart Stadium
  • Stadium Name Open 2011: CLICK HERE FOR INFO
  • Stadium Address: Check FAU Website for stadium directions when new stadium opens.
  • Mascot: Owls
  • Battlecry: Go Owls
  • Team Colors: 

Honey Apple Butter Pork Chops - What else can you say? Combining the flavor of apple butter with a dash of honey and a nice pork chop is one heck of a way to jazz up a normal grilled pork chop. The truth is, I can eat just about any pork chop placed in front of me. But I do appreciate added flavor.

It's like getting free bonus points in a board game.

The first thing you have to realize about this recipe is that an ingredient that not too many people use is included. Actually, lots of people use Apple Butter. They just don't use it as an ingredient in recipes. If you are not familiar with apple butter may I suggest bringing yourself own down to the East Tennessee and North Georgia area during the various apple festivals that take place. Not only can you get your hands on some fresh apples, and apple butter. You will also be able to grab fritters, cakes, pies, brittles and more. I love apple season.

I learned an amazing amount of cool military culinary things while working on my new book - The Meals of War - Feeding the Great to the Grunts in World War Two.

Piggly Wriggly cooking demo in North Carolina. Photo via http://docsouth.unc.edu

An amazing thing about the United States during World War Two is that some pretty common everyday things helped play a role in the Allied Victory. We've all heard about the conversion of plants making everything, from car to toasters and more, into facilities pushing thousands of tanks and planes off the production line.

The same is true for bullets, bombs, tents, pants, boots, boats, ships, aircraft carriers and candy.

Ice Cream Sandwich Pie or Cake Anyone? By golly, sometimes you just need some ice cream. And sometimes you need a pie. And sometimes all you have is a box of Ice cream sandwiches and some extra items in the pantry. Don't worry, here is an easy kid friendly recipe that is perfect for combining kid time with kitchen time with little or no fuss.

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