Nothing beats a few good tunes to grill by! Thanks to Radio you can enjoy the best beach music available courtesy of the station nominated for "Station of the Year" by the Trop Rock Music Association!

Richard Brickhouse Celebrates Talladega Win

Talladega, NASCAR and SPEED! The racetrack in central Alabama known as Talladega Super Speedway, originally named Alabama International Motor Speedway, was built on the site of a World War II era Air Force base in the heart of Alabama. NASCAR founder Bill France and his family envisioned a race track that would be faster, larger, and more exciting than any track built to date. Construction began on May 23, 1968, and was completed on September 13, 1969. The end result is the most modern speedway ever built. Often simply referred to as 'Dega" the track is 2.66 miles long, its high-banked turns are nearly three stories tall, and race cars have reached speeds over 200 miles per hour. It is so popular that it is said to become one of the largest "temporary"cities in the state every race weekend. Check out some of the great images from the book in the slide show.

Music & Brunswick Stew both have a place at the table!

I love meeting neat people with a passion for what they love and that are also foodies! Songwriter Gail King answered my call for musicians and foodies to send me a recipe. Her story about cooking and love of family rang home. Without the story behind the food then a recipe is just that, a recipe. Gail has just had one of her songs, Second Place, picked up by country music artist Shari Bales - You can hear a sample of that HERE.

Hey Gail, ice breaker question to get us going. Where did you grow up and are you a Southern or Northern lady?
I've always been a southern girl. I was born and raised in North Carolina, and although I grew up in the city, I've always had country roots. My mother was raised in the country, in a large farm family, the youngest of seven. My Dad grew up in the country, too, the youngest of six.

Directions for Perfect Eggs... maybe!
Hey Kent !  Congrats on the new book.  Here's one for future reference.  When we lived in Chapel Hill NC our good friend Kimsey King was a former member of the U.S. Air Force.  His job was to write instruction manuals for consolidated mess hall cooks.  Complaints started coming in that the scrambled eggs tasted awful and somebody better do something.

Spam, Corn Beef and Pancakes!

Kent - I still like Spam. One camp I was in India in WWII had Spam for lunch and corn beef for supper or the other way around-corn beef for lunch and Spam for supper. I still like both because on a convoy via Ledo-Burma road to China we has K rations for breakfast and lunch and missed the Spam for supper.

Flapjacks and Beans!

Kent - I was 18 years old when we crossed the Pacific & Indian Ocean to Bombay-34 days. Breakfast was good except baked beans Tues and Friday and crammed in a compartment with 300 other GI. You know old cowboys when asked what for breakfast-"Flapjacks and beans with music to follow" same on a troopship with poor ventilation.

Fresh Melons... overboard!

Kent - my father told of arriving in North Africa in 1943 after a long voyage from Chesapeake Bay with shipboard provisions. (Fried SPAM for breakfast every morning gave him a lifelong aversion to the product.)

Off Limit Menu until Our Number Came Up!
Kent - I happened to be in the Pacific on my second tour of duty after African campaign and was stationed on Oahu training for the Iwo Invasion. We were an Air Corps outfit, with a C-47 assigned to us for general duties. We decided to eat better, so we contributed, according to rank, money to go to Hilo, on the big Island, and buy good cuts of meat for our chow hall. Somehow or another the word got around the Island, and we finally had to put our mess hall 'OFF Limits".

I’ve been told that dog owners and their dogs will take on a likeness of each other as time goes by. A new book points out that man’s best friend may also soak up political leanings as well as humor from their masters. Or, the new book is simply a fun read and humorous creation of dog lover, politics junkie and author Chuck Sambuchino.

Red Dog / Blue Dog is the new book by Chuck Sambuchino, author of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. In his new work Sambuchino combines three things Americans love; politics, goofy pictures of man’s best friend and funny captions.

First Pets living at the White House have been featured in videos, Christmas cards, family portraits and news stories. Why not a book about pups and politics? I know that our family dogs are interested in politics. My Golden Retriever Big Mo sat with me on the couch and watched hours of MSNBC and FOX News soaking up slanted political information. I also think I saw Lucy, my wife Ally’s Shiatsu, with a Romney / Ryan button.

Furry Political Humor

Sambuchino takes full advantage of the furry side of politics as he combines 140 funny full color photos of dogs with captions that poke fun at the both major political parties. One picture has the caption “Blue Dog loves his new e-reader because he can get all his liberal media in one place.” Another picture sports the caption from a Red Dog (guard dog) citing the fact that he “finally got that border fence built!”

Walden Farms - Healthy & Great Taste

This item may not be what you would consider a gift item¦ unless you or a family member have special dietary requirements. And that is a large number of people. Ally and I have become more health conscious over the last few years and have made strides in keeping our love for cooking alive while trimming fat, extra calories, carbs, excess sodium and more. We've found a renewed passion for testing new recipes. We picked up a few Walden Farms sauces to try out and they've quickly become a staple in the pantry. Several friends and a few family members were in need of specialized diet so our search was on for healthy and tasty. Walden Farms fits both requirements so we highly recommend their product line.

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