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Why a Tennessee Barbecue Dog or Smoked Sausage? Because I got tired of hearing about Chicago Dogs, Fenway Franks, and West Virginia Slaw Dogs!

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The perfect ending for some left over steak - or the prefect sandwich for a nicely grilled brand new steak! Either way I think you're going to like this tasty sandwich!

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Why not try a Black and White Bean Swiss Cheese Burger? This is my favorite veggie burger because it's easy to make and packed with flavor. Plus, it's a cheese burger!

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Gator Tailgate Cooking! How about a great Grouper Dish? This recipe and article originally appeared on Chattanoogan.com and has always been one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy the info as well as the tasty recipe!

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Bratwursts hot off the grill can be topped and consumed in a variety of ways - and I've yet to find a bad one!

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Grilled shrimp with Tex-Mex Flair! It's an easy recipe that's sure to please.

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I love a good steak. I also love some heat. What better way to combine flavors than beef and something spicy? Why not some horseradish?

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Take your traditional Ribeye recipe and toss it out the door! Well, don't toss the ribeye... just the old way of thinking when it comes to grilling one of the most tender cuts of beef ever.

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Try Some Grilled Pizza - Ally and I love just about anything cooked on the grill, and this goes for pizza as well. Yep, pizza cooked on the grill. Don’t worry. You won’t have to learn to toss dough over your head like those cool guys in high end pizza eateries. But I do think that would be fun to learn, or at least give it a try in four easy steps!

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HOWDY MTSU BLUE RAIDER FOOTBALL FANS! Are your ready for some Florida International Golden Panther Kaboba?! Hey Blue Raiders here's the recipe for quick and easy kabobs with a golden barbecue baste that we did before the game.  This recipe is for quick and easy tailgate Kabobs. You can make these at the game, grilled in the back yard or in the oven at the house! 

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