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My good friend Kayla Harvey, of Kayla's Pampered Chef, suggests this tasty dish that's perfect for hectic evenings, family gatherings, pot-luck dinners and more.

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There is always a great story behind a great rack of ribs! Robert at Big Time BBQ has that story - and a great recipe!

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RUN! IT'S A HURRICANE... A FROZEN HURRICANE! - Sure, the worst thing to do during a hurricane is to actually be in a hurricane! If they say leave... then leave. However - the frozen drink version of a hurricane is something worth running towards!

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Here's three awesome recipes that call for more than just toasted almonds on a side salad! There is probably a good chance that if you've cooked for any amount of time that you've incorporated the use of almonds into a couple of your recipes.

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Time for some homemade cheesecake courtesy of romance writer Cat Johnson!

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I/m A Sucker for a Crab Cake - My wife Ally will tell you that I'm probably addicted them. I have no idea why, it's an craving that pops up on a regular basis. When the urge for a crab cake hits me I have to have a crab cake right then or in the next hour, or day or two. The downside is that we live in East Tennessee... not known to be prime crab cake territory.

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With all due respect to Andy Rooney, tapas and escargot. Please excuse this long ramble about Tapas. Don't get me wrong, I love bite sized items packed with flavor - only I'm used to calling them "starters," or how about "appetizers," and the classic term "finger-food." The only difference was "starters" were cheaper!

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