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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 14:00

Gail King - Music, Family and Brunswick Stew

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Music & Brunswick Stew both have a place at the table!

I love meeting neat people with a passion for what they love and that are also foodies! Songwriter Gail King answered my call for musicians and foodies to send me a recipe. Her story about cooking and love of family rang home. Without the story behind the food then a recipe is just that, a recipe. Gail has just had one of her songs, Second Place, picked up by country music artist Shari Bales - You can hear a sample of that HERE.

Hey Gail, ice breaker question to get us going. Where did you grow up and are you a Southern or Northern lady?
I've always been a southern girl. I was born and raised in North Carolina, and although I grew up in the city, I've always had country roots. My mother was raised in the country, in a large farm family, the youngest of seven. My Dad grew up in the country, too, the youngest of six.

Friday, 27 July 2012 14:32

Amy Takes Manhattan!

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amycnyAmy Carothers - A New York Foodie
Amy Carothers is a friend of mine and is my "go-to" source for anything relating to New York City and surrounding areas. She's a self described 30-something New York City Foodie who enjoys taking a "bite" out of Manhattan by trying new restaurants and cuisines. Whether it be a night out with the girls or a romantic date, The City is the perfect place to try new foods and locations.

Check out Amy and her in her travels to find a delicious meal at the right deal! In fact, Amy has applied her knowledge to three columns for Examiner.com. Look for her information and blog links to all things culinary, travel and having to do with New York City below!

New York's Culinary Heart Beat!
For years Amy Carothers has been in pursuit of the best culinary treasures and best deals New York City has to offer. You can follow along in her travels to get discounts and the insider's scoop on local events and theatre. Come take a bite out of the Big Apple and get to the core of great deals. Amy also serves as the NY Travel Photography Examiner and the Manhattan Restaurants Examiner.