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Level Cake Tops

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top-off-cake-150x150Tonya's Tip! BAKING TIP

Cut the mountain tops off your baked cake layers.

Ever wonder how professionals get their cakes so even looking?  Simply take a serrated knife and cut off the rounded top before icing. There are many gadgets out there that will help you do this, but if you have a fairly steady hand, it is pretty easy to do on your own.

  • Simply place your layer on a flat surface (a lazy susan works great too).
  • Insert knife just at rise of the cake.
  • Then, keeping the knife level, turn the cake slowly until you have rotated completely around. 
  • Once your layer is even, brush lightly with a pastry brush to remove crumbs.

It may take a little practice but the results are worth it! Happy Baking! -  Tonya! 

Need a Cake? Tonya Marinelli Whitaker specializes in baking up the best cakes for any occasion in Middle Tennessee.

Kent Whitaker is a semi-celebrated cook, author, award-winning culinary writer, husband, father, and harmonica player. 

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