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Big Mo

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mocover250Big Mo has lost his tennis balls.Can you help him find them?
Kids can help Moses “Big Mo” find his lost tennis balls and learn to count at the same time. Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt is a  combination of live action shots of Moses inserted into a colorful illustrated world. Mo searches in everyday settings around his own house in order to find, and count, his lost tennis balls.
Mo loves tennis balls. He likes to roll them. He likes to bounce them. He likes to catch them. And he loves to chew on them! One day Big Mo lost all of his tennis balls. He looked everywhere.



Can you help Mo find his tennis balls?
This delightful story will entertain and educate! Complete with fun full-color illustrations on every page. Children of all ages will enjoy helping Mo search high and low for his lost tennis balls.
Kent Whitaker (Chattanooga, Tennessee), spokesperson for ALPO® Chop House Originals Ribeye-Flavored dog food, has written a new children’s book featuring Moses, Alpo spokesdog.


Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt is a 24-page, full-color hardcover children’s book about Moses’ search for his lost tennis balls. â€œMoses is a great friend and he works so hard when we travel the country promoting Alpo, that I wanted to write this book to honor him,” says Whitaker. He adds, “Choosing the theme for the book was easy.” Moses, aka Big Mo, destroys two to four tennis balls each week (that’s more than 200 tennis balls a year). “We have tennis balls all over the house. My wife, Ally, finds them under the couch, on the front porch, she even found one in the kitchen cabinet.”

Now children of all ages can help Mo find his lost tennis balls.

From one to ten and in fun rhyming style, readers of Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt will search high and low for Moses’ tennis balls. There are eight balls hidden in the bedroom. The page reads, “Maybe Mo left some under the bed. Look close; I think one ball is red!” and is delightfully illustrated with a full-color, full-page illustration of Moses in the bedroom. Children will have to look close to find one ball hidden under a beach ball beside the dresser, another on the bookcase, one behind the clothes in the dresser drawer, one under the bed and beside the skateboard plus four more.

Mo Goes to Work!
As a spokesdog, Moses is accustomed to a crowd and now attends all the book signing events for Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt. After the book is autographed by Whitaker, it is also signed by Moses using a stamp that was made from his paw print. 

Mo is a Rescued Pup
After losing my grilling buddy Jake, the golden retriever who is featured in my cookbooks, several Golden Retriever Rescues organizations came to my aid. A search began for a golden that loved people, children, grilling and sleeping on a couch. The perfect dog needed to be found to attend cookbook signings, chef demos and events. They would donate a rescued golden to me if I would promise to continue to promote animal rescue. I said “OF COURSE! I already do!”

You can also add Big Mo to your Fundraising efforts! You can even add him on your Amazon Bookstore! Rescues can purchase Big Mo at discount prices for fundraising efforts.

Kent and Ally use a portion of their royalties from this book to help buy food, treats, toys and cleaning supplies for local shelters and efforts.  Even if you don’t buy a Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt, take a moment to drop a bag or a few cans of dog food off to your local rescue or shelter. Let your local shelter know that they too can sell Big Mo’s Tennis Ball Hunt from their website or during events as a fundraiser! Support your local Shelter and Rescue Organizations!!  Moses Does!


  • Moses is a full-blooded AKC Golden Retriever.
  • Moses was originally named Moose.
  • Moses has donated approx ten thousand cans of ALPO.
  • Moses has a thyroid problem that causes weight gain.(many goldens do, have your dogs checked)
  • Moses takes medicine everyday for his thyroid.
  • During his tour dates Moses sees his Doctor often. He thinks it’s a day Spa! And Dr. Knarr and his wife… Dr. Knarr both went to Auburn. And Mo is an Auburn fan, so he loves the vet!
  • Moses exercises by walking,  and playing with tennis balls.
  • Moses destroys about two – four tennis balls a week, that’s over 200 a year
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