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Salsa Lovers Rejoice! let's you enjoy salsas from across the country without standing in line at the grocery store or driving across the country. is one of the best monthly box subscriptions I've run across. And; it's defiantly one of the tastiest! The great news is that it's also very affordable and does not rob your pocketbook with a year long contract. is a monthly subscription service that offers exactly what you think it does - awesome salsa delivered to your door every month. Here's how it works.

The Curated Salsa Search

Forget boring jars of salsa from the limited selection at your local grocery store or mini-mart. is the best Salsa detective in the world! They travel the country in search of salsa producers, big and small - regional and local, and gather up samples for their clients. What's great about their efforts is the fact that not all salsas make the grade. 

Think of it this way - true salsa lovers would never share sub-par salsa with their friends. follows the same rule. They don't just randomly grab different salsas from across the country, box it up, and ship it out. Only the brands that meet their standards are selected.

More than just Hot or Mild!

Do you think that hot or mild is your only two choices when it comes to salsa? sends out three select salsas every month to their clients that will greatly expand your pallet . One month your box may contain something that's fruit infused or loaded with the flavor of sweet onions from Georgia. You may end up with a jar of salsa that has huge bits of tomato or one that's a bit more on the pureed side.

That's actually the beauty of the whole concept of Every month the selection is different from the months before. And, even if you do get two similar flavor combinations over the course of a couple of months, let's make something up here - such as Mango Chili Jalapeno, you'll still be trying salsas from different producers. Every month the selection of three salsas changes. And, don't worry -  there will be offerings of amazing salsa from that are "hot" and "mild." Pricing and lack of Fine Print!

Here's some great news - does not really have any fine print. Well, they do - but it's mostly about brand names, site security, and the normal internet stuff we've all become accustom to. I'm saying that does not have fine print when it comes to sneaky ways to suck money out of your pocket without knowing it. And you can cancel anytime! Here's how it works.

Free Shipping is part of the deal! There's no added cost for your salsa being shipped to your door.

Month to Month - There are a few price plans to chose from starting with the simple "month to month" that is $30 a month. Cancel when you want! This option is perfect for sending somebody a pretty neat gift of choice salsa. In fact - each plan makes for a nice gift item! Here's some more info.

Prepaid Options - Here's where things get even better! You can prepay for monthly plans that lower the cost from the starting point of the $30. offers three prepay plans in addition to the standard month to month plan. Here's a complete rundown.

  • $30.00 a month - Month to Month.
  • $28.33 a month - Three months prepay. Save $85 bucks!
  • $27.50 a month - Six months prepay. Save $165 bucks!
  • $25.00 a month - One Year prepay. Save $300 bucks!

The Bottom Line!

The bottom line? How about the bottom of the bowl... so FILL IT UP WITH MORE SALSA! What's great about is that it's about as simple as monthly subscription boxes get. There are no tricks or questionable products that make you wonder if you have gotten a tasty deal. is a wonderful foodie product/service that's perfect for your own enjoyment or for you to give as a gift!

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