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Big Time BBQ Meat Claws made for Serious Que and Affordable!

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The Big Time BBQ Meat Claws passed the test for being awesome and affordable!

The Meat Claws from Big Time BBQ are form fitted, heavy duty, and ready to use right out of the box. As a matter of fact they are perfect for more than just using to pull low and slow smoked pork! While some may say that the design is similar to other claws on the market I'd like to point out a few big differences. First, the Big Time BBQ Meat claws have no sharp edges and are all one piece. That means no metal breaking away from a wooden handle due to low grade screws or cheap fasteners. It also means a safe tool for que lovers on the younger side.

Meat Claws have come a long way! Years ago my young son wanted to help pull a Boston Butt fresh from the smoker. Those first claws I owned were a combination of kitchen knives and mini pitch forks loosely attached to a questionable wooden handle! I could picture my ten year old getting cut or stabbed while imitating Wolverine from the Xmen movies.

That poor design has been replaced nicely by the Big Time BBQ Meat Claws. These modern claws are solid and made from 100% food grade nylon material. They are pointed just enough to be highly efficient and safe to use... as well as dishwasher safe!


Of course the Big Time BBQ Meat Claws are perfect for pulling and shredding slow smoked meats such as pork, beef, and even poultry and wild game. But they are are also awesome for a variety of other uses.

  • Moving larger raw cuts such as butts, briskets, beef tenderloins, hams, whole turkey, and even working with whole hogs!
  • Transefering finished meats from roasting pan or grill to platter or carving plate.
  • Holding meat with one claw while slicing with your free hand.
  • The delicate side - preparing a large tossed salad. NOTE: This is done after being washed properly if used with other foods or raw meat.
  • Oh yea, as mentioned above - dishwasher safe and a snap to hand wash!

Affordable & the Bottom Line!

What's my bottom line impression about the Big Time BBQ Meat Clasws is that... I love these bad boys! These claws are incredibly durable, well designed, safe, and the best part is the price. I picked up the Meat Claws from Big Time BBQ for about $10 bucks and cheap shipping which is even lower if you use Amazon Prime.

One side note: Be sure to check the other listings on Amazon that Big Time BBQ offers as they have a bundled gift pack that feature these amazing meat claws as well as a few other cool grilling and barbecue products. With Christmas and Father's Day rolling around every year you can bet that the Big Time BBQ products would make for great gifts.

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