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Introducing a first-of-its-kind meat snack from McSweeney's - Pep' N Cheddies.

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CALGARY, Aug. 22, 2016 /CNW/ - McSweeney's Premium Jerky & Meat Snacks has introduced Pep' N Cheddies, the first of its kind "go-portion" pepperoni and cheddar cheese sticks pack.

Packaged in six - 25 gram individually portioned easy-peel packs, these portioned snacks are perfect for lunch bags and back packs, just in time for back to school. McSweeney's Pep' N Cheddies feature a mild flavoured pepperoni, made with natural ingredients, paired with Bothwell premium cheddar cheese. The perfect snack that's high in protein, naturally smoked and gluten free.

This new addition will be available across Canada starting August 2016. "Busy people want great products even when they're on the go", says Kylie Landry, McSweeney's Brand Manager. "There is an increasing demand for snacks that are not only portable but are also wholesome and nutritious. Busy parents are looking for convenient items they can throw in their kid's lunches. With grab-and-go items increasing in market share and a trend towards protein snacking, McSweeney's Pep' N Cheddies are certain to make packing lunches a breeze while providing an energizing snack."

With kids loving the taste and the fun name, and parents feeling good about feeding their families wholesome and nutritious snacks, McSweeney's new Pep' N Cheddies are sure to be a big hit with Canadian kids of all ages.

About the Company
McSweeney's, a part of Direct Plus Food Group, is a Canadian based producer of a full line of ultra-premium jerky and meat snacks available throughout Canada. Their focus is on producing a great tasting product, crafted with simple ingredients.

Kent Whitaker

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