The Whole Hog and Nothing But The Hog

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UNO - The Whole Hog Burger! UNO - The Whole Hog Burger! Uno Pizzeria & Grill's

BOSTON, Aug. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently announced its Xtreme Eating 2016 recipients, and Uno Pizzeria & Grill's Whole Hog Burger topped the list.

Following is the company's response: Big, bold flavors and fun, unique menu items are part of UNO's DNA. We created the Whole Hog Burger to be an over-the-top eating experience that would capture the attention of our customers, taste great and be a fun challenge to conquer. We are not surprised that the Whole Hog Burger has been recognized on the Xtreme Eating list in 2016 - it was designed for this very kind of thing.

UNO Goes Big!

The Whole Hog Burger is our answer to "go big or go home!" We're from Chicago, and the Chicago style is about bold, delicious foods that are meant to be enjoyed in a fun, relaxed atmosphere with friends and family. The Whole Hog is exactly that. Since its launch in March, the Whole Hog Burger has exceeded our expectations. In fact, our guests love it so much, we made a Whole Hog Chicago Thin Crust pizza!

At UNO Pizzeria & Grill, we offer over 100 menu options, from indulgent treats to more healthful choices, so our guests can have whatever they're in the mood for. We like to give our guests the choice of how they want to eat and they tell us every day what they prefer in the menu items they purchase.

For those guests who are interested in the nutritional content of their menu choices, we have nutrition kiosks in the lobbies of our restaurants. On these interactive kiosks, our guests will find complete nutritional information for every one of the items on our menu.

About UNO Pizzeria & Grill

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Uno Restaurant Holdings Corporation includes 119 company-owned and franchised Uno Pizzeria & Grill restaurants located in 23 states, the District of Columbia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Honduras and Saudi Arabia. Famous for inventing Deep Dish Pizza in 1943, UNO's mission is to deliver big, bold flavors, rich, rewarding experiences and unbelievably delicious pizza and other craveable menu creations you won't find anywhere else. The Company also operates Uno Dué Go, a fast casual concept and Uno Foods, a consumer packaged foods business which supplies airlines, movie theaters, hotels, airports, travel plazas, schools and supermarkets with both frozen and refrigerated private-label foods and UNO branded products.

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