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Three Recipe Ideas For Almonds!

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Here's three awesome recipes that call for more than just toasted almonds on a side salad! There is probably a good chance that if you've cooked for any amount of time that you've incorporated the use of almonds into a couple of your recipes.

This may be in the form of a handful of toasted almonds tossed into a salad, as mentioned before, or when using them with crusted pork and seafood. Ally and I constantly have toasted almond slices on hand for a tasty, and healthier, snack. Check out the great info-graphic to the right from Here's three pretty cool recipes that use almonds!

Sticky Almond Ribs!
Anytime you mention ribs in a recipe you know you have my attention. While I'm not saying this is the healthiest recipe in any way I am saying it's pretty darned tasty! Almond butter is the secret ingredient in these finger-lickin’ sweet and savory ribs. They're perfect for summer barbecues, eating outdoors and are adult- and kid-approved– no utensils necessary! the recipe was created by Julie Van Rosendaal and can be found HERE on the Almond Board of California website.

Over the last year or so I really became addicted to Almond milk. I was was looking for some lower cholesterol ingredients for a series of healthier recipes when I first tested it. I'll admit that I was not swayed away from regular milk when it came to making a few items such as my from scratch pancakes. But... I realized I really enjoyed the taste of the almond milk as well as the calorie count, and the lower cholesterol numbers when compared to whole milk. So now our fridge probably contains two containers of milk. One is traditional low fat milk and then there is my container of Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond milk with vanilla coming in with only 35 calories a cup and zero saturated fat, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol, and only one carb!

Just for the record, I have nothing to do with Blue Diamond and don't get paid by them - that's just my favorite and I'm passing the info along. Here's recipe number two!

Salmon Skewers with Almond Salsa Verde
Another dish that makes me stop and take notice is Salsa Verde. The great thing about salsa Verde is that it goes with just about anything. Using a version of it that includes almonds with a dish such as Salmon Skewers is a great idea. The recipe was created by Joanne Weir and can also be found on the Almond Board of California Website by clicking HERE.

I also need to point out the fact that not only carries an amazing number of items geared towards your sweet tooth but they also have a whole line of products aimed towards cooks and chefs. There products include just about every type of nut that's related to any candy you can think of but also items such as Almond flour, fruits, grains, spreads, and much more. Personally my favorite is a candy of course - I'll take anything from their Chocolate covered almond collection which features over 50 items - all of which can be viewed HERE. And here's recipe number three!

Almond Butter Hummus
A perfectly nutritious and good-to-go portable snack for picnics or road trips, hummus is delicious when made with almond butter and served with crackers, bread sticks, pita wedges or fresh veggies. Makes about 2 cups. This recipe is another from Julie Van Rosendaal and can be found HERE on the Almond Board of California website.


Thanks to for the information as well as the Almond Board of California for the recipes and pics.

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