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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 20:01

Spam, Corn Beef and Pancakes! Chow Line Memory

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Spam, Corn Beef and Pancakes!

Kent - I still like Spam. One camp I was in India in WWII had Spam for lunch and corn beef for supper or the other way around-corn beef for lunch and Spam for supper. I still like both because on a convoy via Ledo-Burma road to China we has K rations for breakfast and lunch and missed the Spam for supper.

While in China we had very good food as they hired the Chinese to help. the last camp (Liangshan) we had pancakes for breakfast and eggs. Learned early about the Pancake sandwich. Still order it after some 60 years or more.

World War Two memory shared by - Aubrey LaFoy

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