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Back of the Box Christmas Recipes!

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Easy Christmas Holiday Treats! Have you ever struggled to find a quick and easy Christmas Holiday Recipe? Sometimes we pick a recipe that's old and familiar to us without thinking about it. If you want to try something quick and easy and add to your Christmas Holiday Recipe collection then it may be time to turn to your local grocery store shelf.

Here are a few recipes that are from products and brands many of us know. I admit that these may not be considered culinary classics by many foodies but they are tasty, easy, affordable and often kid friendly! Enjoy this selection of Christmas Holiday Recipes straight from the grocery store shelves.

Hershey's Peanut Butter Cookies (shown Above)

You can bet that the first thing that starts off this article is Hershey's Chocolate. This recipe combines an easy cookie recipe with the famous Hershey Kiss! You can tweak as you see fit, but the recipe is pretty darned good by itself!. Check out the recipe from Hershey's HERE

Kraft Melted Snowman Cookie Balls

Really... HOW CUTE are these? This is a fun recipe that is kid friendly and tasty. Perfect for a school treat, Chirstmas Holiday snack and they can easily be done in a Halloween style as Ghost Cookie Balls. A pretty versital bite sized recipe from Kraft. You can view the entire recipe and Directions HERE.





Betty Crocker Cheese Ball Four Way

I loved this idea from Betty Crocker. They offered up four suggestions four one cheese ball recipe. Just mix the simple list of ingredients together and go from there. It's a pretty neat idea and would apply to any cheese ball recipe including your own. I know it's called a cheese ball... but wh does it have to be a ball? Thanks to this informative and fun recipe that's quick and easy with four variations. Read more HERE..




Kent Whitaker

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