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Heading to the Huwa Reserve

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Talk about a great steak! Actually, great beef of all cuts. Why not order a fantastic select of beef that melts in your mouth that's packed with flavor? You can order your favorite cuts, assorted packages and even a package geared towards grilling. Everything from Huwa Reserve Natural Beef that Ally and I cooked tasted fantastic.

The Huwa Cattle Company was founded in 2001 by Brent and Tonya Huwa. In 2012 they decided to take their family ranching operation in a new direction. After noticing a need in the marketplace for family ranch raised, all natural beef, they decided to start Huwa Reserve Natural Beef. The goal being to consumers an alternative to the highly-processed, off-the-shelf beef found in grocery stores. Huwa Reserve Beef is all natural beef that has never been given any growth hormones, steroid or non-vegetarian feed and is antibiotic free.

(Some Fantastic Grilling Recipe Here!)

After ordering we received a boxed cooler with steaks packed with dry ice. I simply thawed the cuts over night in the fridge. We lightly seasoned, didn't over do it, in order to truly taste the beefs flavor. We fired up the grill and the first bite was followed by Ally's comment. “Oh my Gosh, that's the best steak I've ever tasted. I can cut it with a spoon! Over the course of the weekend we enjoyed melt in your mouth rib eyes, amazingly tender New York Strips, tender stew meat which we used for kabobs and even a few tasty steak burgers.

Huwa Reserve has a saying, "When you order your beef through Huwa Reserve Natural Beef, you never have to wonder where your meat came from, what's in it or whether or not it will taste good!" They're right. Everything tasted fantastic.

Huwa Reserve Natural Beef
7 AM  -  4 PM Mountain Time
Excluding Major Holidays

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