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Easy Baked or Grilled Wings

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Three Chicken Wing Recipes Made EASY! The game is coming on, the guest are ready for some chow, Carl is doing his imitation of John Madden for the billionth time! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME CHICKEN WINGS... made easy? Try Kent's tailgate party staples in three easy versions from the recipe section that you can cook on the grill or in the oven. Both are easy, full of flavor and they may get Carl to stop doing imitations for a while.

Zesty Cheater Wings!

Simple ingredients for a ZESTY taste.

This recipe is so easy it's almost like cheating. Put a twist on chicken marinated in Italian dressing with a few quick and easy ingredient additions.

12 to 24 mini wings and drums
Zesty Italian dressing
Barbecue sauce
Minced green pepper
Minced onion
Parsley flakes
Marinate the chicken in equal parts of Italian dressing and barbecue sauce. Toss in some hot sauce and spoon in a few tablespoons of minced peppers, onions and some dried parsley flakes. Cover, chill for a couple of hours and grill until juices run clear.

Basic Hot & Buttery Wings!

The classic wing made simple.

This recipe is a version of the classic chicken wing. Just combine a couple of simple ingredients, bake and dip. It can't be much easier than that!

12 to 24 mini wings and drums
1 cup hot sauce (such as Texas Pete)
1/2 stick butter melted
Dash of garlic powder
Sprinkle the wings with some black pepper, not much, just a few dashes. Brush the wings with a bit of melted butter. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees on a cookie sheet with non-stick spray until the juices run clear and the wings are golden. While the wings cook combine the hotsauce and melted butter. Remove from oven and place in a bowl, add the sauce, cover and toss until evenly coated. You can cook the wings a few minutes more after tossing if desired.

BBQ Whiskey Honey Wings!

Hey, Kent's from Tennessee, the home of good Whiskey!
This recipe is a version of a barbecue chicken wing with a hint of honey and Tennessee Whiskey. Just combine, baste and bake.
12 to 24 mini wings and drums
1 cup barbecue sauce
1/4 stick butter melted
2 tablespoons TN Whiskey
2 tablespoons honey
Combine the sauce ingredients in a bowl and stir. Bake the wings in the oven at 350 degrees on a cookie sheet with non-stick spray until the juices run clear and the wings are golden. Before removing the wings from the oven baste them evenly with the sauce and return to the oven to heat and thicken the sauce.

Kent Whitaker

Kent Whitaker, also known as "The Deck Chef," is a culinary writer and cookbook author. He's also penned Young Reader and History titles. The former winner of the Emeril Live Food Network Barbecue Contest also covers football, motorsports, and bass fishing. Kent currently lives in East Tennessee with his wife, son, and a couple of dogs that love when he fires up the smoker or grill.

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