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Smoke Stack Co Culinary Seasoning Smoke

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Culinary Seasoning Smoke.

What a neat idea! - The Smoke Stack Company Culinary Seasoning Smoke combines smoke and seasonings for flavors grillers will love!

The Smoke Stack Company offers a neat solution for how backyard grillers can enhance flavors. The choices are Hickory, Alder, Applewood and Mesquite. Each Smoke Stack container is filled with wood you choose as well as seasonings and vintage oak chips. There is also a reusable chip container. Each package holds enough wood for several sessions.

And when we say seasonings... we mean seasonings and spices just like you would have in your pantry. These are mixed in with the wood so the smoke combines the flavors of 

fillingcanlowthe wood with the flavors of the added spices. That's a pretty cool combination. We named it "marinated wood" for fun!

Brant Davis, Owner of the Smoke Stack Company, points out that his product is not meant to replace heavy smoked foods like smoked salmon or turkey. "This is a seasoning smoke for your daily grilling which simply adds that extra flavor."

Place the chip filled smoke canister on the grill grate as you get things fired up. The company website also mentions that you can also use the canister under the grate. Then, close the lid. We found that allowing several minutes of the canister pre heating before placing food on the grill offered the best results. You’ll notice smoke rising from the hole in the center of the canister lid.

cansmokelowBe sure to keep the grill lid closed for best results. The smoke lasts from 20 - 40 minutes, according to the directions. It really depends on the temperature of your grill.We chose the Alderwood while cooking pork tenderloin and were very pleased with the outcome. We loved the combination of wood and seasonings as well as ease of use!

Info:  The Smoke Stack Co.  209-747-9146 www.thesmokestackco.com

Photos and story by Kent & Ally Whitaker
(Note: Articles originally appeared in the December, 2011 Issue of the National Barbecue News.)

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