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Carolina Gold Sauces

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Homemade Taste in Store Bought Bottle

carolinagoldI love barbecue sauce, all kinds of barbecue sauce. In my line of work I tend to get a lot of bottles of sauce given to me to try out. Believe it or not, I try them all.

Carolina Gold Gourmet BBQ sauces are sauces made in South Carolina that combine a real home made taste with a store bought product. And that is something that I really appreciate. You can tell that some sauces loose something in the translation from small batch to large batch manufatcuring

I don't think Carolina Gold has found this to be a problem.

Several Family Favorites.

We tried the complete gift package at the Whitaker house. The regular Mustard based Classic Carolina Gold sauce was the choice of my wife Ally. It actually reminded her of sauces from her hometown near Auburn Alabama. My son Mace tagged the Honey Sauce as his favorite and I decided that I really enjoyed the Spicy Sauce. I really, really enjoyed mixing the Honey Sauce with the Spicy Sauce.

They also produce a vinegar and pepper sauce that I utilized as a tasty marinade for a couple of Pork Butts and then used the remainder of the bottle as a finishing sauce.

The bottom line:

Carolina Gold Sauces are tasty, flavor filled and do not have that generic, watered down taste, found in many store bought sauces. The rich texture of the sauce also shows quality ingredients are used in the cooking process.

Here is a link to their website for more inforation. http://www.gourmetcarolinagold.com/

Note: many of Kent's reviews are being pulled over from his old website.

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