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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

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Lodge Cast Iron - Made in the USA

I've cooked with cast iron since I started cooking. So has my wife. When we moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee we were delighted to find out that Lodge Manufacturing was located only a few minutes away near South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Yes - South Pittsburg was a steel town.

Lodge has been cranking out hand made, cast iron kitchen and cookware for generations dating back to 1896. And, except for a few specialty items, the majority of their goods are made in the USA.

Bought a Bunch - Loved them All.

Ally and I had a few cast iron products, some were Lodge. During a trip to South Pittsburg we stopped by the Lodge Store. We left with a skillet, a dutch oven, some really cool measuring spoons, a cookbook, a corn bread lodge pan and more. The great thing about Lodge cast iron products is that you will not find any of the rough edges, mold marks, dings, pits and such that are associated with imported cheaply made items.

Take into consideration that we are talking about Cast Iron, so there is a distinctive surface texture in all cast iron products. The difference is the visible quality change from imported noname cast iron skillets and cookware as compared to a Lodge product.

You can just see the difference.

The bottom line:

Lodge products are some of the finest cast iron skillets, dutch ovens, cornbread molds and such that I have ever used. There is really not much more to say other than if you are ever in South Pittsburg, Tennessee only a few minutes outide of Chattanooga then make sure you stop by the Lodge store. It will be well worth your time.

Note: many of Kent's reviews are being pulled over from his old website.

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