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The Slap Chop

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The Slap Chop - First, the Slap Chop was a gift from my wife and son for Chritsmas, they know my love of fun kitchen gadgets. Secondly, I consider kitchen gadgets my version of baseball cards. Well, except for the fact that I have a ton of baseball, football and even NASCAR trading cards.

Thankfully, my wife also knew that I would have more fun reviewing the item and playing with it rather than actually cooking with it. I opened the present, we all laughed, we did a few pitch man Vince imitations and moved onto opening more presents. Eventually I was reading new cookbooks, our son was heading out to see some friends and Ally decided a Christmas afternoon nap was in order.

Perfect time to try out the Slap Chop.

Right out of the box I felt like the Slap Chop would break in my hands. It did manage to chop onions, peppers, fruit, some veggies and such. Then, it broke during the mixed nuts chopping section. The Slap Chop lasted less than thirty minutes and produced only a few cup full's of chopped items.

On the plus side, if the thing was made better I could see it being a neat item. On the down side, if you are only chopping a half cup of something then why not use a knife. My grandmothers crank nut grinder is much more productive. Plus, it was just not made to last.

Being the husband that I am, I washed and dried the broken Slap Chop, placed it back in the box and put it in the pantry behind the coffee grinder and several cedar cooking planks. I figured I would toss it after my wife forgot about it. A few weeks later I threw the box in the garbage and next day my wife asked me if I had tried my new chopper yet. I confessed that it broke and that I had already tossed it.

She laughed at my shuffling of feet and reminded me that was why we had knives and a food processor.

The bottom line:

The Slap Chop came with a neat selection of recipes for quick and easy dishes like salsa etc which was well worth the price. However, The Slap Chop would be a neat item if constructed better. But the small amounts it produces is a bit below what you would need in real cooking situations for more than one person. The pitches make it sound as if it would be perfect for a recipe only needing a small amount of something. Which is true in some ways. But a person with little or no knive skills could chop the same amount with a knife and board. And you would only have to pull a knife from a drawer.

The Slap Chop is fun, cool to try, the recipe book rocks, and the commercials are awesome to watch. However, it needs to be made better. A fun gift with some nice salsa recipes.

Note: many of Kent's reviews are being pulled over from his old website.

Kent Whitaker is a semi-celebrated cook, author, award-winning culinary writer, husband, father, and harmonica player. 


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