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Forever Sharp Knives Really Work

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Is it Forever Sharp - So Far!

I was walking through the isles of a local retailer when I heard an announcement saying something about "FREE KNIVES." I was hooked.

I wandered over to a large crowd of people who were watching a demonstration of Forever Sharp knives. If you bought one, you got a small knife free. Then, the man doing the demonstration said. "In Fact, I have twenty knives to give a way. I was hooked again. By the time the demonstration was over I had bought four knives.

Cuts Like Butter.

The demonstrator cut wood, hammes handles, cans, plastic and then a tomato and some fish fillets. Smooth as butter. I had to have some. So I got one to test, one to use, one to give as a gift and one for the travel tailgate bucket. And I had a free pairing knife.

First things first, I cut a piece of wood. It works, then I grabbed a beer can, it cut it in half, I didn't want to walk to the shed in the rain seeking a hammer. So I went into the laundry room and found something made of metal. The handles on the hot and cold water heater seemed like a good choice. I held a small piece of paper underthe handle as a gave a few sprited sawing motions. Sure enough, particles if the handle sprinkled down onto the piece of paper. Granted, it would take a year to fully cut the handle in half and I had no desire to explain that o my wife, but it was cutting.

I went back to the tomato and the slice was smooth and... like cutting through butter.

Another neat feature is the fork style prong at the end of the blade. Perfect for flipping steaks, poking, pulling etc.

The bottom line:

The Forever Sharp knives are very "As Seen On TV" like but actually a step above. I've read a few online reviews and do agree with this statement. "They are almost too sharp." And here is why, any promotion that shows someone cutting through a can or a piece of wood and then a tomato almost makes it a given that the home user is going to try the same thing. I imagine a bunch of people sliced some fingertips. I didn't - but I came close while I was screwing around cutting things up around the house.

After Thought:

I still use my eversharp knives. I would not cook at a tailgate without it! And I keep one in the kitchen and near the grill. My buddy loves the one I gave him for his birthday. I even used mine for an emergency motorcycle repair. My only wish is that the handles were not so cheap feeling and that the knives had a bit more weight to them. Yes, they are fun, yeas, they are not chef quality knives. However - for a multi-use knife - when you don't want to carry several knives... these things work!

Kent Whitaker is a semi-celebrated cook, author, award-winning culinary writer, husband, father, and harmonica player. 


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