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WWII Perfect Eggs!

Directions for Perfect Eggs... maybe!
Hey Kent !  Congrats on the new book.  Here's one for future reference.  When we lived in Chapel Hill NC our good friend Kimsey King was a former member of the U.S. Air Force.  His job was to write instruction manuals for consolidated mess hall cooks.  Complaints started coming in that the scrambled eggs tasted awful and somebody better do something.

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Joe Dabney - Thanksgiving Chow

joedabneyA Chow Line Memory - Chow Line Memories are real stories from service men and women about the "Best Chow" and the "Worst Chow" served up during their service years. These stories are in the own words of the veteran and are an extention of the soon to be released book Bread and Bullets - The Meals of War by Kent Whitaker.

A Scrumptious Dinner
I guess my fondest memory of Army chow was the scrumptious dinner the Army served us on Thanksgiving Day, 1951, in Pusan, Korea. I had  only arrived in Korea a few weeks earlier on  TDY from our Tokyo Hq to serve as a radio script writer for the Korean Radio Network (Psywar). Our quonset hut base and our radio tower was located at the top of the hill overlooking the Pusan harbor.

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