THE BIG ONE GETS A NEW FRIEND - the Talla-Mento DogwichWho If you've been to Talladega for a race then you probably know that FOOD is a huge deal! let the dogs out! Now fans at Talladega Superspeedway will be able to enjoy a new track dish along with the Mega Sized Meatball named the "BIG ONE!"

The concession stands at Talladega Superspeedway will be offering the track’s new signature hot dog – the incredibly delicious Talla-Mento Dogwich during the track’s upcoming tripleheader race weekend, April 29-May 31, for the General Tire 200, Sparks Energy 300 and GEICO 500.


Hershey's Christmas Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie

It's National Cookie Day! So, why not go with a classic Christmas and Holiday cookie recipe! The Hershey's Christmas Peanut Butter Kiss Cookie is easy to make, perfect for kids to help with, and you can't beat eating a few of these tasty cookies. Simply put - Try this classic cookie recipe from Hershey's!
Makes 4 dozen

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